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Rick Mueller
Rick Mueller

Frequently Asked Questions
Q...What kind of photography is available at Rick Mueller Photography?

A...Rick Mueller is an on location portrait photographer. He has the artistic ability to adapt to a variety of locations and bring out the best in the client.

Children, High School Seniors, Family, and Publicity are all part of the services we offer. In addition any commercial applications involving photography of people are available for brochures, magazine and newspaper ads, Web Sites, newsletters and posters.

Q...How can I be sure to get the photos I want?

A...That is easy! We just need to talk with you.   We want to know what your ideas are, and we'll get to work to design a beautiful portrait for you.   You can always rest assured too that, if for any reason the images do not meet your expectations, we will GLADLY do more.  We guarantee you'll be happy!

Q...How much will this cost?

A...On location session fees range from $100 - $200. This includes up to 1 hour session time and all travel costs for sessions in the Phoenix area. High School Senior sessions are $200 for up to 2 locations of your choice within the East Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Portraits are priced separately, in addition to the creation/session fees. We want you to have exactly the portraits you want and need without having to wade through various packages, etc.

On a seasonal basis, in addition to our regular price guide, we offer different packages, and specials for children, seniors, and families. Please call to be placed on our mail list so we can keep you aware.

Commercial work is all done on a quote per job. Location, difficulty of the job, and final needs of the images need to be considered before giving you a price quote. Please call for a quote. If we cannot do the job, we will refer you to someone who can!

Q...How long will it take?

A...Portraits may be viewed about 1 week after they are created. Finished work normally needs 4 to 6 weeks to return from our custom lab. As with everything else in life, if you want to pay extra, YES you can have it sooner! Please let us know how we can best serve you.

Q...How large of a portrait should I purchase?

A...Portrait designers insist that the faces on a wall portrait be no smaller than the face on a clock that could be in the same wall space.   In other words, the face must be large enough to see the eyes and expression just like a clock must be large enough to see the hands and numbers!   Another great way to determine proper portrait size is to measure the available space width, divide that number in half and use that divided number as the portrait width without frame.   Any larger than that will dominate the wall and any smaller will appear too tiny to be of any importance.